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Tandoori Marinade Kits

Includes a tandoori marinade, tandoori seasoning blend and a chutni to serve.

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  • Vegetarian
  • Speedy Flavour
Classic Tandoori Marinade Kit
Spicy Tandoori Marinade Kit
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Your favourite Indian flavours cooked in the oven or BBQ

Indian food is so much more than a curry. There are stir-fries, steamed food and, of course, tandoori food. The tandoor is a charcoal-fuelled clay oven that heats to very high temperatures and produces delicious, succulent BBQ-like food with a little char. These were the only ovens in India and were most often found in a North Indian restaurant. But, tandoori dishes are so healthy, tasty and easy to make that they have made their way into the domestic kitchen and are now regularly cooked in the oven, under the grill and on the BBQ. All you really need is a delicious marinade.

With our Tandoori Marinade Kits, you simply coat your meat or veg with the instant marinade, bake, roast or BBQ, sprinkle over the special tandoori seasoning and serve with the accompanying chutni. These kits are perfect for the busy cook, the healthy eater and obviously anyone who likes fuss-free flavour.

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I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Tandoori Marinade Kit. I used the marinade on a lamb steak and found it a well-balanced and aromatic flavour - and so easy to use. I don't generally add anything to lamb, but this really did work - so a big plus from me
- Stuart Wood from the UK
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Meals from the range

Things to do with our Tandoori Marinade Kits

Tandoori roast chicken thighs or breast, paneer and vegetable skewers, tandoori fish and chips, tandoori lamb chops, tandoori mushrooms or cauliflower steaks served as they or as part of a meal with vegetables, tandoori wraps or salads - these are all things you can cook with our kits.

They’re so versatile and easy to use, which is perfect for the way we eat these days. For added tenderness for your proteins, add a tbsp. of thick Greek yoghurt and leave to marinate for 5-10 minutes.

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