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On a jouney through time and space

Asian Curry Kits

Includes a whole spice and aromatics pouch, curry paste and coconut milk.

  • No Nasties
  • Vegetarian
  • Ready in 10 Mins
Thai Red Curry
Thai Green Curry
Indonesian Rendang
Thai Massaman Curry
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Driven by passion and inspired by ancient spice routes

Since 2011, we have been sharing our passion for delicious and authentic Indian food - with spices and flavour at the heart of everything we do. We probably love curries more than most. And not just the Indian ones - anything with spice and complex layers of flavours draws us in. It was this curiosity that led us to learn that our favourite South East Asian curries were originally inspired by Indian ones that made their way East with the many settlers and traders over the last century. These dishes evolved to incorporate local ingredients and become the vibrant and distinct curries they are today.

We feel we are pretty good at creating complex curries of restaurant quality. So, we are really excited to take our passion for curry further afield and bring you some of our favourite curries from South East Asia. As with our Indian curries, these curries are authentic, completely natural with no nasties, fillers or MSG. But, what we are perhaps most proud of is that we’ve made them 100% vegetarian (so no fish sauce or shrimp paste) without compromising on the flavour. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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Your Thai Green Curry is absolutely delicious and makes a wonderful curry for vegetarians
- Valerie
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The Thai red curry was a delight. We added a teaspoon of fish sauce and, after serving, we added some chopped cashews, coriander, and a finely chopped red chilli as we like a bit of heat.
- Dave from Australia
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I just tried your Thai Massaman curry. It’s love at first taste. I was certainly not disappointed. The flavours reminded me of waking up to a glorious early morning summer’s day, warming and full of promise and balance. It has to be a hit with those that care about what they are eating!
- Stefan Apostol from Tasmania
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Meals from the range

What we love to make with our South East Asian curries

A plethora of delicious authentic curries as well as soups, broths, tray-bakes and rice and noodle dishes. They also make delicious coatings for roasting and so much more.

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Tofu and Vegetable “Pad Thai” Style Noodles
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Thai-Style Chicken Meatball Green Curry
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Thai Green Seafood Rice
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Crispy Chicken Katsu
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Tofu and Vegetable Neatball Massaman Curry
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Lamb Meatball Massaman Curry
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Crunchy Rendang Vegetable Lettuce Wraps
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Stir-Fried Thai Green Rice Noodles with Vegetables
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Thai Green Chicken And Vegetable Curry
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